Politiken 150 150
”Dramatic and full of action … a unique and captivating tour de force.”
Grade: 4 out of 6. Politiken daily, Denmark


Aftenposten 150 150
”Through an enormous journalistic effort, we are served a fascinating and engaging close-up of a murder of prime minister, and not least the socio-cultural climate it came out of.”
Grade: 4 out of 6. Aftenposten daily, Norway.

De Morgen

De Morgen 150 150
”Stocklassa’s description of the preparations of the assassination is phenomenal, also because you know that Stieg Larsson’s Archive is not a crime novel, it is true crime.”
De Morgen daily, the Netherlands

El placer de La Lectura

El placer de La Lectura 150 150
”Enjoy this documentary novel as if it was another work by Stieg Larsson.”
El placer de La Lectura, Spain

NRD radio

NRD radio 150 150
”Its content will make a splash, open the case again and once again stir up Sweden’s trauma.”
NDR radio, Germany


Stern 150 150
”More and more, Stocklassa’s research transforms into a true Stieg Larsson-thriller.”
Stern magazine, Germany

Radio France

Radio France 150 150
”It’s a grand book, an impossible book, written by four hands from beyond the grave.”
Radio France by Nicolas Demorand

Le Monde

Le Monde 150 150
”Thanks to Jan Stocklassa’s fascinating narrative, the unsolved murder case of Swedish PM Olof Palme is now moving forward at the pulse of Millennium.”
Le Monde, France